Article Forge 2.6 Review: I wrote a Unique Article with it under 1 Minute (*MUST READ)

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

This is an in-depth review of the new version of Article Forge 2.6, this latest version amazes me with how accurate the topic and sentences are. If you are a blogger or care about SEO, I also show you how to optimize your created article for Google rankings. ▶ 5 Days trial for Article Forge 2.0:

I bought the tool more than a year ago, and I STILL use it on some of my blogs.

I think it’s a good investment because hiring freelancers or purchasing content is EXPENSIVE.

Article Forge 2.6 solves that problem with its multiple functions.

TIP: ALWAYS do Keyword Research first, decide on a Keyword, before using any content creator of your choice (if you want to use it).

Without Keyword Research, your work is useless.

When you place a keyword, Article Forge reads a huge number of articles, learning SUPER FAST what it needs to learn about this topic to compose articles in its own words.

Here is the article I generated in the video (You will be asked a password to enter “freetrepreneurs” to read) :

Other Tools I use for Content Creation or Spinning
▶ 3 days trial for Wordai 4 for content spinning:

▶ An alternative to Wordai 4 & Article Forge is SEO Content Machine (here is my full review):

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