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2. Article Forge

This is a video about Article Forge 2.5 recently released, how it works and whether you should get it or not!. ▶ 5 Days trial for Article Forge 2.5:

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▶ 3 days trial for Wordai 4 (The Best Article Rewriter or Spinner):

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▶ Ezoic to monetize your blog if you have 10,000 monthly viewers (FREE):

Article Forge 2.5, the most recent version can generate high-quality and unique articles or blog posts under 60 seconds.

Article Forge 2.0 was launched with a deep learning model (similar to GPT-2/GPT-3) that is able to write high quality, unique articles from scratch that looks like a human wrote it. But there were some flaws – for instance sometimes Article Forge 2.0 could be off-topic or irrelevant.

So with Article Forge 2.5, they have added a second deep learning model that is specifically designed to learn new information VERY quickly. This second model can, therefore, handle obscure topics, new niches and events, longtail keywords, individual products, and more.

With Article Forge 2.5 these two models now work together to make sure your articles are high quality, unique, relevant, and up to date without requiring any spinning! Each article is written from scratch exactly like how a human would write it!

You may already have heard that “content is king”. It is well-known that quality articles are critical if you want to position in Google and other search engines.

If you are a blogger or website owner, then you will be needing the services of an article writer who can write about products that you sell in your online business.

Websites that get regularly upgraded with top excellent content tend to rank higher as their content is shared often, backlinks start accumulating, and also Google considers it as a good site for readers.

Since normally it takes a great deal of time and research, creating articles happens to be a struggle for bloggers and website owners.

Bloggers do research and write their own articles. Bigger companies and webmasters with money outsource their content writing, usually to freelancers.

There are advantages and disadvantages to consider before hiring a professional to write your articles: price, time, quality.

It takes about$80 to $100 for a 1,000 words article on Fiverr, that is without tuning it to make it rank on Google well.

If you are operating a website or websites and desire them to rank higher in SERP, you’ll need articles. A lot of content. And writing content takes some time, a LOT of time!

But people always search how to stay ahead of competitions and embrace future technologies for articles writing, saving dollars and time.

This is the point where tools like Article Forge 2.5 comes in.

The company claims that, with Article Forge 2.5, you just have to input keywords, and seconds or minutes later, you have freshly “baked” unique content.

It uses algorithms and offers you articles within seconds. The articles aren’t just worded and set to make sense but also pass Copyscape along with different plagiarism detectors.

Thus, Article forge isn’t simply a tool, but your OWN personal article writer.

My take: You still need to tune up the posts to rank faster on Google.

Watch my other video for that:

When you place a keyword, Article Forge reads a huge number of articles, learning what it needs to learn about this topic to compose articles in its own words.

You can actually use the Article Forge 2.5 Bulk mode to generate multiple articles at once in a few seconds as I do in this video:

▶ Try Article Forge 2.0 for 5 days for FREE:
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Article Forge 2.5 does absolutely no scraping and spinning at all!

Article Forge is fundamentally different and better than any other automated content creation approach!

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