Are You a Blogger? How to Use AI to Finish Your Posts Faster; Publish More

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

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I know you probably don’t trust “AI” tools. I don’t blame you. In the past, they’ve been nothing more than spam-generating content spinners that produce essentially worthless content.

But not anymore, and if you don’t start taking advantage of these tools now, you may find yourself falling behind those who do.

In today’s blogging landscape, time is of the essence. You could spend countless hours agonizing over everything from font selection to making sure you have a spec spot for your picture. Instead, why not put some of those mind-numbing hours to use and let AI tackle the boring bits?

I know you’re probably skeptical — and that was for a good reason. But stick with me; open your mind and give me a chance to help you. There’s new technology out there that will help you craft amazing posts faster than you ever have.

I’m going to discuss how AI can help bloggers like you write more productively — using ShortlyAI. ShortlyAI is an incredible AI writing assistant that I consider the best on the market. I think after you read the rest of this guide, you will too.

Stick through it until the end; I have a few important things for you to understand about using AI tools in blogging.

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