AI Writes Better than ME!? | Free AI Writer vs. $395 Pro Copywriter

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

Human creativity vs. AI efficiency…. WHO WILL WIN? Honestly, I was shocked! The results were definitely worth reading. It really makes you think… Happy #FreelanceFriday!

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Hi! I’m Carrieblogger, a full-time career freelancer on Fiverr Pro. Since I started in 2013, I’ve built up a sustainable, consistent business with a six-figure annual ‘salary’. I work as a copywriter and branding consultant for small to medium-sized brands around the world.

In today’s video, I’m using AI writer tools to write blogs and create AI generated content. Will AI replace writers? What’s the future of AI writing? Is AI writing good? I’ll test AI writers, AI writing, AI blogs, and AI content with four free AI writing tools. Content creation isn’t easy and professional copywriters like myself have years of experience learning how to write copy and create engaging content with top writing tips and advice. AI technology is getting better, but is it good enough to replace writers? As a freelance copywriter, I need to know if AI content generators are worth the hype and know how to write good copy. The auto generated software writers promise that they can write SEO content fast, but I’m not so sure. Even if it is fast, do they know how to write unique content that converts? AI tools and AI technology are evolving. AI will do the writing research for you and write something instantly that is… maybe somewhat semi decent. I didn’t test Jarvis AI writing tools, but there are several other free AI writer tools that made the list. Those AI content generators include copy writer AI, copysmith AI writer, anyword blog writing AI, and writesonic copywriting AI. #AIwriter

Learn how to make money online and work from home as a freelance copywriter like me! Whether you’re building a freelance copywriting business or selling another skill online, freelance platforms like Fiverr are changing the future of work. Now you can monetize your talent and learn how to work from home. Freelance copywriting on Fiverr is my absolute dream job – hands down. Every Freelance Friday, I share freelancing tips, freelance advice, advice for freelancers, Fiverr tips, Fiverr advice, advice for Fiverr sellers, Fiverr business tips, and a look inside my freelance lifestyle as a solopreneur business copywriter. It’s a blast!

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