AI Automation Content Creation and Digital Marketing Tools that will save you time & money

The Top AI Copywriting Tools
2. Article Forge

Hello my name is Josh and in this video I am looking at the powerful AI automated content creation tool for marketers, seo experts, solopreneurs, small, medium and large business operations and anyone that wants extra support to help create effective targeted content… it is… is a powerful piece of software that is currently (as of the time of making this video at least) on a lifetime deal at exceptional value.

You can pick it up on the appsumo store here..

What makes this tools so valuable when compared with other tools is that it incorporates many features that if you where to find a else where would cost you around $1000 or more and all for under $100 currently (again currently being at the time of creating this video).

It has similar features to…
script funnels ($797) and automatic script ($39 a month, link below)

Ubersuggest and other seo research analysis tools ($290AUD) or SEO Competition Analysis Tool ($47) on the appsumo store (found at the link below),
and somewhat AI writing tools like Nichesss ($59), Content Villain ($69) and Neutral Text ($59).

The appsumo store has many lifetime deals which can save you thousands of $ and time 🙂 and can be found by clicking the link below..

If you want a free sales funnel builder try…

Looking to automate and save more time and money $ even further?.. have you seen chatbots?

Have a look at this deal or try out chatmatic for free here..

Any purchase through the links gives you the opportunity to save $ and time as well as support this channel in sharing our marketing journey with you all.

We are recording with OBS, thanks OBS Studios 🙂
Using Canva for graphics (logo etc)

Learning together, having fun and enjoying life.

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