7 Landing Page Best Practices – How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

When you are creating a landing page or multiple landing pages, you should keep some of the top strategies and best practices in mind below. There are more considerations when creating your landing pages for PPC Advertising, social media marketing, social advertising, and any paid advertising you are doing. However, the best practices below can serve as a landing page checklist for any beginning or experienced marketer that wants to make sure they create landing pages that convert well. Ultimately, we set-up landing pages to drive more leads and sales for our business.

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7 Landing Page Best Practices

1. Create a Seamless Experience

Every customer should have an easy experience when they are visitng your landing page. The offer on the landing page should match the offer in your advertisement.

2. Match Keywords

The closer your landing page can match the keywords that people type in the better. People want to find exactly what they type in when they visit your landing page.

3. Promote a Clear Offer

Are you promoting products for sale? Are you promoting a free trial? Either way, the clearer your offer is the better.

4. Above The Fold

Keep all important forms, benefits, screenshots, videos, and information above the fold. You can still have a landing page that allows people to scroll down, but the most important information and your call-to-action should be above the fold.

5. Call-To-Action

A call to action is where people would sign-up for your product or service or take the next step for getting started. For example, for a car insurance quote landing page, your call-to-action would be something like ‘Get Quote Now.’ For a travel website, you may do something like ‘Book Now’ or ‘Plan Your Vacation.’

6. Desktop & Mobile-Friendly

People are going to visit your landing page from a desktop device, mobile device, tablet, and any device they may use as they browse the internet. It is your job to make your landing page mobile-friendly.

7. Limit External Links

You don’t want people to click on links that take them off your landing page because it will hurt your conversion rate. Make sure that you limit the amount of external links people can click on your website.

Common Landing Page Questions:

Do landing pages work?

Yes, and they are necessary when it comes to your online marketing strategy. Landing Pages are used to drive targeted traffic to your website and promote a relevant offer. They work because you can clearly describe your offer and a call-to-action to encourage users to sign-up for your service.

What does landing page mean?

Landing Pages are specific pages on your website where you want to send targeted traffic. For example, if I am offering a free trial for my marketing software, I would create a Landing Page on my website that would list all the benefits of my software and a place for people to enter their email and other information to sign-up. You can also create multiple landing pages for the same offer and A/B test them for the best results.

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