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🎬 Increase Your Email Open Rates Video Key Moments🎬
00:00:00 – Increase Your Email Open Rates up to 80% using GOHIGHLEVEL
00:00:41 – Step 1 How to Use Tags & Segmentation in Go High Level
00:02:28 – Import Tags & Contacts
00:03:35 – Step 2 Email Personalization in gohighlevel
00:03:55 – Custom Value Segmentation in Bulk Emails
00:05:03 – Step 3 Personalized Subject Line using highlevel
00:05:55 – Step 4 Drip Feed Targeted Email Workflows

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Increase Your Email Open Rates to 80% with GOHIGHLEVEL:

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Do you have an email marketing strategy? In this email open rates training, we will show you why you should optimize your emails for better results. Email open rates can be addressed by creating an email series with Smart Lists. No matter what type of email marketing strategy you are running, there is always room for improvement. We will discuss email segmentation and show you how to segment your email list for more effective emails Lead Nurturing. One of the most difficult parts of email marketing is the email open rates. The email open rates will increase after you learn how to segment your email list. If you properly optimize your email, you will increase the email open rates. Alternatively, you can get email open rates by using gohighlevel Lead Nurturing, which is a video funnel email marketing platform. There is nothing better than mass email marketing and mass email open rates when they are customized and personalized to each recipient using Smart Lists and tags. Come learn how mass email marketing works, and get ready to increase email open rates.

In this video, I will be explaining about email open rates. Email open rates are really important to marketing as it shows the engagement of that email. These open rates also mean more people to listen to the email campaigns you are sending.

Thanks for watching the gohighlevel email automation demo! No matter what type of business you’re in, you’re going to need an email marketing tool in 2022. Enjoy this free gohighlevel email workflow demo on Smart Lists. Today’s Lead Nurturing email workflow trends are moving toward email address automation and automation of a customized and personalized email workflow.

If you are already using gohighlevel we recommend this in-depth gohighlevel bulk email demo video. We will be showing you how to effectively set up your email automation gohighlevel app. Please enjoy this free gohighlevel email automation demo that we will be showing today. You can find out how to send emails from the dashboard withing 30 seconds. If you need more info, just go ahead and sign up for the free 14-day trial. We will take our time to properly show the gohighlevel email automation Lead Nurturing strategy to you. We hope that you enjoy this gohighlevel email workflow Smart Lists demo that we just sent you.

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