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Top 5 Ways to Trade Stocks and Make Money

In this article, you learn the different analysis that you can use to trade stocks. I’m using technical analysis so you will learn how to use technical analysis to trade stocks and make money in the stock market.

The Dow Crosses 13,000 – Now What?

For the first time since May of 2008 the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 13,000. Hopefully many readers held firm since the day of the Dow at 6547 in March of 2009 and have been able to enjoy the recovery in their investment accounts. Those that have been waiting for the 2012 “pullback” to put their money to work have missed out on a nearly 8% run in the S&P 500 since the start of the year.

Shares – Benefits And Disadvantages

Shares can benefit people who wish to gain exposure to an asset that has capital growth potential (although volatile) and income. However be careful of the disadvantages.

Market Analysis: Knowing Where Your Stocks Are Going

The stock market can be intimidating for some people who are planning to get into investing. It’s an unpredictable and dynamic financial force that can give people some reasons to be concerned about and think more than twice when planning on investing on it. Even with its limitless opportunities to earn profits and in a very short period of time, the risk of losing much is also making the investments risky.

Tips on Finding Good Small Cap Stocks to Invest In

Small cap value stocks are the best asset class to invest in. There are some tips an investor should consider when trying to find good small cap value stocks.

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