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The Top AI Copywriting Tools
1. Conversion.ai
2. Article Forge

This is my 2nd Video Review of an AI Content Marketing and generating Tool. This Video is about the concept and background of a SEO friendly automated Content Writing AI Tool that is useful for content marketers to generate High quality SEO optimized Content for their blogs, social media, guest posting and website as well. The app is named as Longshot.ai and can be accessed on https://www.longshot.ai

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Overview
00:37 Research Topic
01:43 Generate Headline
02:54 Generate Blog Outline/Sub-headline
03:27 Generate Long form Blog Article/Post
04:10 Improvements and tweakings in the long form article
06:46 Further SEO optimization & Editing in external tools
06:52 Using Marketmuse for revisions
07:16 Using Neil Patel’s Ubbersuggest for further polishing
08:06 Other important sections of Longshot
09:21 Further development of the article in Marketmuse, Frase and Postpace
09:33 Conclusion
09:44 End message

Demo of the AI Content Writing tool Longshot.ai – This tool is working well and generates high quality blog articles as I have shown in this video.
Longshot.ai is a new Al based platform that helps you automatically generate ideas for SEO content that are relevant, search engine friendly and get a lot of traffic.
Longshot.ai also comes with a keyword research feature that shows you the top keywords and their search traffic as well as their competition.
With this tool, I can generate full article post using Al.
It’s super easy to use and it will save you hours of time and thousands of dollars in content creation cost.
I have started working on SEO optimization last year, and I have to generate many articles, blog post, social media post and other marketing content on a daily basis. I found Longshot.ai to be very useful in generating content pieces for me and for my clients. I can also do keyword, topic and content research using this.
And once you’ve generated your content, you can then use it for your own website, for your clients’ websites and social media posts.
It’s like having a full time writer on your team without the hassle of hiring someone and training them how to do keyword research and generating original content. This Al tool will do that for you.
It also generates blog posts, social media posts and other content in seconds!
This tool does keyword, topic and content research within the app. It also provides content generation and creation services for you and your clients.
I recommend Longshot.ai for anyone looking to create content for any of their marketing campaigns. It’s a user-friendly tool that can create quality content in seconds, so you have more time to focus on what matters. Longshot.ai can also be used to find trending content, do topic research and keyword research. It’s a great tool to have and I’m glad I found it!

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