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For every cryptocurrency holder, sooner or later, the question arises of entering the exchange arena. Choosing an exchange is not an easy choice, because not only the process of operations, but also the increase in your capital depends on the quality of the services provided and ease of use. Today we will present you a young but promising project that has entered the exchange platform. And this is the CircleEx project.

CircleEx is a young project that implements exchange services for cryptocurrencies. CX is something new in the exchange arena. Taking into account the experience of CEX, CB binance, mtgox, which were hacked and adhered to the goal of decentralization, which did not inspire confidence among users, the CircleEx team began to actively work on their project and take into account all the mistakes of their predecessors. CX are one of a kind. Experienced crypto holders compare the project to BTC, which was an innovator in the cryptocurrency world and predict CircleEx’s success.

Today the project is only a few days old, but the CircleEx team has already launched an exchange on the test network. Soon, the exchange will switch to the main network and will provide an opportunity to use the staking function, which will increase your capital.

📄 Website – https://circleex.io/
📄 Twitter – https://twitter.com/exchange_circle
📄 Medium – https://circleex.medium.com/
📄 Telegram – https://t.me/circleex

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