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The Best Article Spinner Tools
1. SpinRewriter
2. Word AI

This is an in-depth review of Wordai version 4 that I use to spin & MONETIZE articles in less than 60 seconds. I use 3 tools for my websites:
▶ Wordai 4 to spin articles (3 days FREE trial): https://wordai.com/?ref=17809b
▶ Ezoic to monetize my blog: https://youtu.be/blS1rqqPpfs
▶ An alternative to Wordai 4 is SEO Content Machine: https://youtu.be/UNgOPdYqjoE

▶ If you want to write unique articles without having to spin it, the Best Article Generator is Article Forge 2.0. Try it for 5 days FREE here: https://youtu.be/Dp23rSYRYGQ

Also Watch: How to Rank #1 on Google Super Fast 2020🚀 [SEO for Bloggers & Publishers] : https://youtu.be/ClxNXf-193s

▶ I use Bluehost as the Host to create all my websites & create FREE additional Websites (only $2.95/month): https://bit.ly/3bpvclw

In my opinion, Wordai is the BEST & FASTEST article spinner out there hands down. I did the 3 days trial and I ended up buying the one year version without hesitating.

Article Spinners are probably the single most important part of your article marketing campaign. These products or services will keep your articles short and sweet, get the most out of your writing and help you avoid creating “clickbait” articles that do not get you the traffic you are after. The next time you decide to use article spinners, take a look at the benefits that are offered to you.

There are some very high-end software programs available that will spin your articles for you. These spinners offer an automatic selection of keywords and other key phrases. This can help you achieve higher rankings on the search engines.

This can help the link building process by adding backlinks to your website or blog.

_____________________ WORDAI 4: REVIEW ____________________________
Many webmasters do not havethe luxury of time for you to compose a brand new article daily because informative article marketing needs a whole good deal of commitment in the event that you possess a lot of internet sites in your portfolio and do not have any writer.

Purchasing content for websites could possibly be a smart decision. However, you maybe don’t have money to devote to something like that. Content spinner computer software can cross the mind.
I enjoy writing from scratch on my blogs.

But if you have a lot of websites, there is just no time for you to write content for all of them.

Thus an instrument to automatically rewrite content or articles would be handy.
Who would not desire to take some articles on the internet, allow it to in the spinner or content rewriter like WordAi and get the article because of his site or blog?

WordAi is a spin writer which makes it possible to rewrite the sentences and paragraphs, to get new distinctive content. New content’s results can look like HUMAN written quality content.

The AI from the WordAi name stands for Artificial Intelligence to assist consumers to rephrase each sentence which you might have, and make sure the market words will interact with each other.

WordAi may read the gap between words and also certainly will arrange the synonym to make the sentence appears ordinary. Maybe not merely knows the text but also what this content truly means.

Which are the Benefits of Using WordAi?
There is a good deal of features in WordAi which makes this platform your greatest spinning article tool.

— WordAi support Multi-Lingual, such as English, French, Spanish or Italian.
— WordAi understands better about synonyms
— WordAi rewrites whole paragraphs mechanically
— WordAi can create titles

If you would like to alter the context because you don’t enjoy the results, you are able to edit the spintax to form your own sentences. It’s simple, you simply need to click on a word that you want to use, and WordAi will substitute for the word together using the one.

Now that you know all of this, it is time to move forward and look at some of the other options that are available.

—————– Tools & Services I Use:———————–
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