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The November 2021 Core Update is now rolling out live.

As is typical with these updates, it will typically take about one to two weeks to roll out fully.

So be sure to keep a close eye on your rankings and don’t make any sudden changes until everything settles.

Lily Ray was on Stephan Spencer’s channel this week, and she mentions how she prioritizes technical SEO tasks

A great place to start on identifying these errors is right in your Google Search Console.

GSC groups similar errors.

Want to be a high-impact SEO consultant?

Ross Hudgens, a past guest, says use dollars in making arguments for your SEO recommendations.

Consultant or in-house SEO tying dollars to recommendations and organic clicks is always a good idea to show the value of your work.

If you want an additional SEO budget, this is a must.

There are 3 people I think of when it comes to semantic SEO. Dixon Jones, Bill Slawski, and Koray Gruber .

Let’s check out Koray’s definition of semantic SEO on the Kalicube Channel

Koray always drops knowledge bombs on SEO shows.

Be sure to watch his episode on the SEO Video Show, I believe his episode had the most live viewers I ever had, for a good reason!

Does social sharing help target pages rank in the SERPs? Kyle Roof shares his thoughts

I’ve always been a big advocate on social signals.

Ranking factor or not, social sharing by authoritative personas has been an ingredient in my own SEO ranking recipe.

Speaking of personas, by guest, today is no stranger in building authoritative sites and personas.

Which brings me to my favorite part of the show.

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Peter has been active in the SEO industry for over 24 years.

He’s well known for his innovative approaches to gaining a ranking advantage in all types of search results.

Attracting the right signals of authority and popularity like in link building is his absolute specialty.

He currently runs a clean SEO agency in Amsterdam, but his black hat skills are renowned.

Between 2006 and 2012, Peter used to speak at all international SEO conferences but then surprisingly vanished from that spotlight to go underground.

Please welcome the black hat SEO godfather, Peter van der Graaf.


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