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In the latest episode of Search Off the Record

The conversation is around the Future of SEO

Knowing HTML will still be necessary.

There talk about schema, crawling, and more geeky SEO topics.

The link to the podcast is in the description

I’m a huge advocate of video content.

On Google Search Central this week, they go over.

How to implement key moments on Google Search

A quick video SEO tip is to include your target keywords in your key moments.

Another SEO tactic I always talk about is on internal links.

On Crawling Mondays this week, they identify low hanging fruit scenarios to optimize Internal Links

I’ll use 301 redirects in site migrations, but I prioritize fixing broken internal links.

Matt Diggity reveals his best SEO strategy

I’m a huge fan of SEO communities.

Join Facebook groups, skype chats, and Slack channels!

Another SEO tactic feels strongly about is the brand.

Neil Patel reminds us why a brand is important in SEO

Speaking of Brand. My guest today has built his agency’s brand
and made it the Inc 5000 list.

This brings me to my favorite part of the show.

Be sure to ask questions in the live chat, and I will address them to receive them.

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In 2008 Ross started his SEO career as the Sr SEO analyts and first employee at Single Grain.

His work has been featured on Moz, Search Engine Land, Forbes, AOL, and Hacker News.

He is also a frequent speaker at well-known conferences MozCon, LearnInbound, SearchLove, and MNSearch

He enjoys investing in tech startups with a focus or exposure to SEO or content marketing.

By 2012 he founded Siege Media

And has made the Inc. 5000 in the last four years

He currently has offices in San Diego, Austin, and New York City.

Siege has also been named one of Inc’s Best Workplaces.

Please welcome the CEO of Siege Media, Ross Hudgens

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