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Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis

How do we pick stocks? What strategies and methods should we use to pick our winning stocks? Technical analysis is a common method used by many people to choose stocks.

Investment in India

Investing in India is a great prospect thanks to various economic reforms that have brought about a consistency in India’s economy. Currently, India is ranked as 3rd in terms of the most preferred investment destination. Relaxed reforms in foreign direct investment both through direct automatic and approval routes along with release of the revised FDI policy have been eased and expedited the investment processes in India.

Online Share Trading – Now Just A Click Away

It’s the computers era. We all are familiar with PCs and are leading an online life. Whether it is booking tickets, paying a phone or electricity bill or share trading, everything is just a click away. Online share trading is surely a boon.

Stocks Near All Time Highs – And Your Action Plan Is?

There is no real need for rocket science in investing — no correlations, standard deviations, coefficients, Alphas, Betas, or Zetas are required. Similarly, passively managed, index derivatives are just a lazy man’s way of reinforcing the myth that active management is ineffective.

Is Investing in Stocks and Bonds on the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) Any Good?

If you are particularly a Ugandan in the diaspora or have awareness of the interest rates in markets such as the US and the UK you will for example know that the Bank of England’s base rate is 0.5%. The Fed rate in the US is presently 0.25%. This is the rate that basically determines lending rates by commercial banks and thus the interest rates they pay on savings. The UK rate for example is not expected to change for say the next 3 years i.e until 2015, I expect the same for the US rate. You can therefore expect that the interest you will receive on your savings will be close to zero. I know a client of mine who had an average current account balance of £1m during the year but were still receiving no interest! The search therefore for investments paying a “good” return is never ending in these challenging times. One option therefore is to consider investing in stocks and bonds on the Uganda Securities Market (USE).

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